Generic Java Job Launcher

Clarity has the functionality to run or schedule jobs and reports. There are several types of jobs. In this document we will focus on the execution of custom made jobs.

To simplify the development and execution of custom clarity jobs I have made two stubs that interact between Clarity and your process. In the clarity jobs administration you can configure one of these stubs to call your process. Both stubs are made Java. You have to choose the right stub for your situation.

Generic process launcher

The generic process launcher is a generic stub to start a command script. In Windows the command script will be a .bat file, in unix a shell script. If you make a command script that executes a java program then this program will run completely independent from Clarity. It will use its own java runtime, own logging, and will use its own connections. You can write and test this program completely standalone. You do not need to implement any specific clarity interfaces in your program.

Generic java launcher

The generic java launcher is a generic stub to launch your own java program without the need to mix up your custom java libraries with the one from clarity. In contrast to the process launcher, your java program will run in the same java runtime as the clarity job scheduler; normally this will be the Clarity Background Process.

Which stub should I Use ?

If you have a custom java job then you can use both stubs. If you want to be completely independent from Clarity , then the command launcher would be the better option. With the command launcher you can use your own java runtime and use your own runtime settings. It is my personal favorite.

The software is tested on Clarity 12.x on Linux. It is expected to work on other environments because it is written in Java.

You can download a Microsoft Word document with screenshots and instructions.

Software and documentation as ZIP archive (release date 2013-09-12).

Initial Public Release. sept,12 2013
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